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Hotel Surplus Outlet is a part of The Fenning Group, LLC, which has a wide range of liquidation and asset recovery skills. We are specialists in liquidation of hotel and resort furnishings, with a large portfolio of successful hotel liquidation projects in our resume. We are experts in realizing and extracting maximum recovery value from excess hotel inventories, surplus furnishings and discontinued goods. Our logistics, crews and resources are dedicated towards the efficient removal and recovery of value from a wide range of furniture, furnishings and assets.

We have worked closely with the hotel and lodging industry with hotel furniture, fixtures & equipment liquidations since our start in 1998. We have the experience and skills to liquidate furnishings and remove hotel assets within operating facilities. Our crews and staff are well versed in phased furniture de-installation and removal operations within operating hotel facilities. We can perform the de-installation and removal services in a turn-key fashion, accomplishing the aims of furniture removal and asset recovery at one time. We can also work with your own staff or installation crews to pick up your excess goods and assets as required for your project's needs.

We are also quite skilled and resourceful in handling various other types of asset liquidations, including retail inventories, manufacturer's overstock, retired assets and other products. We have handled the liquidation of a wide range of commercial/industrial assets and other salvage items on numerous occasions. Our company's breadth of salvage and liquidation experience provides our clients with the opportunity to obtain maximum recovery, combined with the skilled services as required to address each project's specific needs.

Please call us or e-mail to discuss your project's specific needs. If you have photos of your goods and project details, you can submit them for a preliminary review so that we can determine our interest and abilities to service your needs. Please contact our office for a quotation and/or additional information on our services.