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About Us

Family Owned and Operated Since 1998 Hotel Surplus Outlet is unique furniture liquidation operation, offering a vast array of furnishings to a broad audience of savvy shoppers since 1998. We started as hotel liquidators, selling a wide range of great furnishings from hotels and resorts. In addition, we liquidate some of the top Home Staging Outfits in Southern California, providing overstock goods and designer furniture at deep discounts. We have become a very popular furniture resource, serving the hotel and lodging industry, along with a huge group of designers, homeowners, set decorators and others. We are always on the hunt for great buys and deals on quality furnishings and we offer liquidation and asset recovery services to a wide variety of hotels, resorts and other sources. The tremendous competition in the hotel market generates a constant pressure on hotels to upgrade the furnishings in their properties to reflect the most current decorating trends. Therefore, a large number of hotels often liquidate relatively recent furniture on a cyclical basis. This creates wonderful opportunities for us to acquire large amounts of this fine furniture from a wide range of fine hotel properties. Hospitality-Grade FF&E Why Hotel Furniture Hotel furniture is built to commercial construction standards - levels of quality, workmanship and durability than exceed the typical home furnishings. Most of the hotel furniture that we acquire is in great shape, but we get it because it does not fit the hotel's future needs, or latest design themes. For example, the pressure to offer guests larger and larger television sets has forced luxury hotels to upsize or discard their armoires. We are receiving constant incoming shipments of fine furniture and fixtures from some of North America's finest hotel properties. We offer items ranging from furniture, to fine art, accessories, and commercial hotel equipment. We also have a variety of televisions, bedding, bar refrigerators and other accessories, such as clock radios, hair dryers and telephones in stock. Out with the Old - In with the New Home Staging Overstock Over the last 10 years, we have worked with the top home staging companies in Southern California that we guarantee you have heard of. These large outfits typically constantly order new items in large bulk and have a consistent supply of overstock goods - they are in the business of bringing in the newest home trends to stage homes and because of that, we always have a great supply of fresh goods to sell - make your house look like a magazine! Discounts on Overstock & Closeouts Manufacturer Overstock The 2009 financial crisis brought an expanded scope to our operations with the liquidation of overstock inventories, cancelled goods and discontinued goods from many manufacturers, warehousers and suppliers. We are dealers for several lines of fine furniture, and they often present us with special deals and opportunities on a wide range of great furniture as special closeout pricing. It is common for us to receive 3-5 shipments a week of these goods which we sell out of our warehouse store location. Brand New at a Fair Price Brand New Furniture We are also new furniture dealers for several manufacturers, and we are always on the lookout for quality furniture at the best price point. We are dealers for over 15 manufacturers and have the ability to special/custom order, bulk orders, etc. We try to only order items that really catch our eye or items that we can get at a great price. Our selections are always changing so check back often for the latest arrivals.