Drum Lessons


I have been fortunate and blessed to have learned with and under some of the finest drummers and music educators around. Through years of learning from so many styles from countless teachers, I have developed my own teaching style that harnesses the students interests with concrete basics needed to truly master the instrument.

Discipline, Drive, Focus, Hard Work, Passion, etc.

All these qualities are necessary to really learn an instrument but they are all traits that carry over to subjects outside of music. These skills are essential in life and music is a great way for anyone to see how hard work really does pay off!

I offer lessons to any age, style or skill.

I have experience teaching in middle school and high school classroom settings as well as one-on-one lesson experience with private students. I know what it takes to push someone to the next level. At the same time, I know what it is like to be 7 years old and taking drum lessons... lessons need to be FUN and informative.


I can come to you or you can come study at my studio in Encino, CA (or at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music while I am in Denver.)



Audio Production & Recording Lessons


Learn to Record yourself!!!

I am offering Audio Production and Recording lessons. This is a great way to get your hands dirty with Computer Audio. You can come to my studio and learn to use my equipment or I can help you learn to use your own gear. If you do not own anything, I can help you get going with gear recommendations and will pass along any pro-discounts I can receive on equipment pricing.

Make a Single, EP or Album from Start to Finish (be involved in every step from inception and recording to Marketing & PR)

Learn GarageBand, Logic, Protools, etc.

Integrate your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into your recording setup.

Setup a small home studio.




*Taught as One-On-One lessons or small classes if you and a friend are interested. Willing to accept up to 8 Students for Class-Style Instruction.*