Charlie's Gear:


(Pictured with Sonor Signatures and Ocheltree DrumTree Bronze Snare)


Sonor Signature Bubinga

"I am obsessed with Sonor Drums from Germany. I think they make some of the highest quality drums ever produced. While I have owned a few different series from different generations of the company, my preferred weapon is the 1980’s Sonor Signatures in Bubinga. The drums are seriously heavy beech shells (12 ply) with African Bubinga Inner and Outer plys. The drums came from the factory in square sizes (8x8, 10x10, etc.) and had era-appropriate pipe-mounts. Since 2007 I have played a wonderful Sonor Signature kit that I have absolutely fell in-love with. Fast forward a few years and I sold my Sonor Designer jazz kit to finance more Signature drums. I bought a 18” kick and 10”+12” toms which have been hot-rodded so I can play Sonor Signatures in any setting. Precision Drum in New York had the responsibility of cutting both shells to 8” depths, filling the pipe-holes with extra shell and cut new edges. The drums then received RIMS mounts and DW brackets. In my mind, these are the ultimate in tonal drums. They sing."

Toms: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14 Floor Toms: 14, 16, 18 Kicks: 18, 24


DW Collectors Black on Black

Toms: 8,10,13,14 Floor Toms: 16, 18 Kick: 24


Sonor Teardrop

Tom: 13 Floor Tom: 16 Kick: 20



Ocheltree Tree Bronze 8x14 (w/ Bronze Hoops)

Ocheltree Phantom Steel 6.5x14 (Raw Finish)

Ocheltree Phantom Steel 6.5x14 (Satin Chrome)

Ocheltree/Paiste Spirit of 2002 5x14 (Prototype)

Sonor HLD 580 Bubinga 8x14

Sonor HLD 590 Bronze 8x14

Sonor Teardrop 4.5x14

Pork Pie Maple 6x14

Ludwig "Ludalloy" Supraphonic 5.5x14 (70's Olive Badge)



Assorted Paiste (Signature, New Signature, 2002, Traditional)

Assorted Zildjian (A Custom/Z Custom Hi Hats, Vintage A Hi Hats, Vintage A Ride)

Istanbul Agop Epoch Ride

Assorted Broken, Cracked and Ruined Cymbals


Production & Recording:

Apple Macbook Pro (SSD, 750gb, 8gb RAM)

Apple iPad 2 (AC-7)

Logic Studio

Shure, Rode and AKG Microphones

Focusrite Interface

Focusrite Preamps

Yamaha and KRK Monitors

JH-Audio In Ear Monitors