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Charlie Fenning Resume Spring 2012

Up-and-coming drummer Charles Hoffer Fenning is currently studying towards his Bachelors’ Degree in Jazz and Commercial Music from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Charlie grew up in a musical family and was always surrounded by music. Though his first forays into music were with the electric gutar, violin and piano, Charlie quickly decided the drums were the instrument for him. After finally receiving a drumset for his 7th birthday, he officially began studying drums and has since studied under an array of notable instructors including Ndugu Chancler (Michael Jackson, Miles Davis), Aloke Dutta (Tabla Great), Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Steely Dan) and Mike Marlier (Rocky Mountain Drum Great). Charlie started performing at age 9 and by 12 was recording and playing shows around Los Angeles. By age 16, he had immersed himself in Audio Production and had started recording demos for local bands in addition to recording his own projects. From a young age, Charlie has sought to build connections with others in the music world, playing at open mike nights as a teen, attending industry conventions and making personal friends and professional allies with recording artists, drum manufacturers and other up and coming musicians. Charlie prides himself on knowing how to properly play a wide variety of styles and genres and his’ production knowledge is appropriate for both live performance and recording situations.