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HOTEL SURPLUS OUTLET is unique furniture liquidation operation, which offers a vast array of furnishings to a broad audience of savvy shoppers.  We started as hotel liquidators, selling a wide range of great furnishings from hotels and resorts, and we now  liquidate a growing selection of new overstock goods and designer furniture. We have become a very popular furniture resource, serving the hotel and lodging industry, along with a huge group of designers, homeowners, set decorators and others.

HOTEL SURPLUS OUTLET is a unique operation and has been widely covered by Los Angeles and National media.  We are a favorite of Southern California bargain hunters and smart furniture shoppers. We have garnered a great deal of media coverage, and have been featured in multiple listings in local bargain shopping guidebooks and blogs. Hotel Surplus Outlet is familiar to many HGTV viewers, having been featured in multiple episodes of HGTV series, such as Design on a Dime. We have also been featured on KNBC, KCBS, KTTV,  TELEMUNDO and KCOP Television stories.  NPR and local radio programs have also covered our outlet in story segments, and we have been covered by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today. L.A. Times, Daily Breeze, and numerous local newspapers...

Our goods have appeared in numerous feature films and television shows. Set designers for television and motions pictures know that they can often find the perfect items at Hotel Surplus Outlet, at prices below the typical rental cost at prop houses and other furniture rental resources.

Our blend of deals on fine hotel goods, along with a great selection of bargains on great new furnishings offers a unique shopping experience, and a wide range of fantastic deals to the the astute shopper!

How Do We Get Such Great Stuff?

We are always on the hunt for great buys and deals on quality furnishings and we offer liquidation and asset recovery services to a wide variety of hotels, resorts and other sources. The tremendous competition in the hotel market generates a constant pressure on hotels to upgrade the furnishings in their properties to reflect the most current decorating trends. Therefore, a large number of hotels often liquidate relatively recent furniture on a cyclical basis. This creates wonderful opportunities for us to acquire large amounts of this fine furniture from a wide range of fine hotel properties. Our Service and Contracting Division, The Fenning Group, deals directly with these hotels and buys these inventories.

Because hotel furniture is built to commercial construction standards, it usually features higher levels of quality, workmanship and durability than typical home furnishings. Most of the hotel furniture that we acquire is in great shape, but we get it because it does not fit the hotel's future needs, or latest design themes. For example, the pressure to offer guests larger and larger television sets has forced luxury hotels to upsize or discard their armoires. Likewise, the computer revolution has driven any hotels to provide larger workstation type desks for business travelers.

We are receiving constant incoming shipments of fine furniture and fixtures from some of North America's finest hotel properties. We offer items ranging from furniture, to fine art, accessories, and commercial hotel equipment. We also have a variety of televisions, bedding, bar refrigerators and other accessories, such as clock radios, hair dryers and telephones in stock.

Because we buy in large lots, we have the ability to supply many lodging properties and residential facilities with large quantities of quality furnishings at liquidation prices.

In recent years we have expanded our operations into liquidation of overstock inventories, cancelled goods and discontinued goods from many manufacturers and suppliers.  We are dealers for several lines of fine furniture and they often present us with special deals and opportunities on a wide range of great furniture. We now sell these great new items, along with our fine hotel goods out of our warehouse store location.

We also offer the astute homeowner or consumer the ultimate in bargain hunting experiences! Why rent furniture, or buy inexpensive residential furniture because of budget constraints, when this type of quality and variety  is available at a much lower price?

In addition, we often find truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces from the suites and lobbies of fine luxury hotels. Hotel Surplus Outlet offers the bargain hunter a wonderful opportunity to acquire a wide range of unique designer pieces at very reasonable prices!

Biographical Information: Donald F. Fenning

The Fenning Group, the parent company of Hotel Surplus Outlet, was formed by Donald Fenning in 1998, following a distinguished twenty-five year career at Cleveland Wrecking Company, including service as it's President and Chief Operating Officer. As an executive in the demolition and salvage business for over 25 years, Mr. Fenning presided over a wide range of national contracting and salvage resale operations. Mr. Fenning also served as President and Director of the National Association of Demolition contractors.

Mr. Fenning's prior experience also involved the operation of successful salvage outlet yards in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These yards handled the resale of salvage, fixtures, and other recovered materials from Cleveland Wrecking Company's wide array of projects, including some major hotel salvage efforts.

Following the acquisition of Cleveland Wrecking Company in the late 1990s by a public company, Mr. Fenning decided to strike out on his own, and he created a new enterprise. With his salvage expertise and asset recovery skills as a base of experience, Donald Fenning created THE FENNING GROUP, with a strong focus on addressing the needs of the hotel salvage and resale business. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Fenning decided to open HOTEL SURPLUS OUTLET, a resale warehouse for hotel furnishings as an ancillary operation of the Fenning Group.

The Fenning Group has put a strong focus on meeting the needs of the hotel industry through offering a variety of hotel content liquidation, asset recovery, and service programs. The company's crews provide efficient de-installation and removal of goods from hotels and lodging properties in a tightly orchestrated fashion, along with payment of top recovery values.

These wide and varied inventories are stored, displayed, and re-marketed at the HOTEL SURPLUS OUTLET complex in Los Angeles. The company conducts a wide range of marketing and sales operations to make these goods available to our wholesale and retail customers.

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