Hilton Waterfront Modular Dresser / Desk Unit

Hilton Waterfront Modular Dresser / Desk Unit

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Product Description

Modular Dresser / Desk Unit
Comes with Dresser, Dresser-top Shelf (great for TV!) & Side Desk.
Dresser-Top unit can be removed and there are no visible holes! 
Side-mounted desk attaches to Dresser with 2 fasteners - Included for free! (Dresser unit is fully functional if you choose not to use the desk unit)


Dresser: 60" x 22" x 28.5" tall 
Dresser-Top Hutch: 54" x 16" x 8" tall
Desk: 60" x 22" x 32.5" tall 
Full Desk & Dresser: 22" Deep x 117" Wide